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Plane ownership can be a costly endeavor when calculating the tens of thousands in annual aircraft management costs and the substantial amount of time required to run a safe and efficient operation.

Some of the biggest costs in general aviation are:

● Maintenance

● Hangar / Storage

● Insurance

● Fuel

● Staff and services

Insurance can cost as much as $10,000 for a single general aviationist, while maintenance costs ranging from fuel to engine reserves can easily tack on another $10,000 to $20,000, according to estimates from Honeywell.

Those aircraft management costs don’t even begin to cover the amount of valuable time a plane owner must dedicate to the cause. Jet owners must make sure their planes meet rigorous regulatory and safety requirements. They must coordinate logistics that make flying an efficient and enjoyable experience, from permits and flight attendants to catering and ground services.

For some plane owners, time is money. Every minute spent managing their plane is a minute taken away from other important duties, which compounds the overall cost.

Thankfully, there are ways to drastically reduce aircraft management costs so that plane owners can focus on their highest priorities. By hiring Davinci Jets as a one-stop shop for jet setting needs, plane owners save money and are returned valuable time.

Here are 5 ways that Davinci Jets reduces aircraft management costs for clients:


1. Lower insurance rates

One of the best ways to reduce the overall burden of jet management is to lower the amount of money spent on insurance. By working with an organization that has a proven track record of impeccable safety, plane owners can receive reduced prices.

Just as an auto insurer might reward safe drivers with lower premiums, aircraft insurers will reward operators with strong safety records and acts of prevention.

Some acts of prevention used by Davinci Jets include:

● Defibrillators on aircraft in case of a health emergency

● Fireboxes to insulate small fires

● CPR-trained staff members

With a proven operating record, plane owners can access the benefits of a well-oiled operating fleet even if they’re just starting out. With Davinci Jets’ scale, clients are rewarded bulk rates that translate into significant savings over time.

2. Proactive maintenance

The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association estimates that maintenance can cost more than $30,000 a year for around 300 hours of logged time. Davinci Jets helps to reduce this burden through proactive efforts. A dedicated team of engineers stay on top of all required maintenance and go above and beyond to ensure the health of client aircraft.

With all Davinci staff making a commitment to safety, planes are cared for like they’re one of the family. This means fewer avoidable issues surface unexpectedly, making the entire maintenance schedule and budget more predictable.

Further, Davinci passes along savings through economies of scale. The more airplanes in our fleet, the better pricing on services we can secure for clients. This can lead to bulk pricing and access to bottom-line enhancers, such as fuel subscriptions.

3. Employee retention

By maintaining a fleet of employees ranging from engineers and pilots to stewardesses, Davinci Jets takes the responsibility of staff management off the plate of clients. By keeping all of this in-house, plane owners don’t have to worry about filling vacancies left by abrupt sick days. Meanwhile, Davinci focuses on building a team of happy employees to achieve lower turnover for crew members.

For clients, this means that less time is spent looking for and training new employees. Strong retention reduces aircraft management costs by saving time and money. It also makes for a more enjoyable overall experience during flight hours.

4. Time is money

The most difficult to quantify aspect of aircraft management costs is the time and effort required to run a well-oiled machine. Countless hours are spent ensuring safety, securing logistical arrangements and creating enjoyable in-flight experiences.

Ample time needs to be dedicated to things such as:

● Securing international permits

● Booking ground services and travel

● Managing crew

● Understanding and planning logistics

● Ordering food and beverages

● Being on top of maintenance

When clients sign-on with Davinci Jets, they’re given a one-stop shop for all their flying needs. Instead of having to call and juggle multiple vendors, they need only to communicate with Davinci Jets’ experienced team.

This returns invaluable time back to clients and ensures that the owner(s) of the jet aren’t bogged down by aircraft management.

5. Increased ROI through charters

Why not make money off that glistening piece of machinery just sitting in the hangar in-between trips? Since many private jets are underutilized, charter revenue presents an opportunity to offset fixed aircraft management costs.

Davinci Jets offers charter services that put idle jets to work when owners don’t need to use them. Since plane owners are already plugged into our ecosystem, this revenue stream is derived with little additional effort required by the client.

Of course, Davinci Jets understands that the best part of plane ownership is the freedom it provides. We meet jet owners’ specific needs to make sure their comfort and experience are never compromised. By chartering with Davinci, jet owners vastly reduce their aircraft management costs while maintaining the luxuries they desire.

Jet owners’ one-stop shop

Davinci Jets provides comprehensive aircraft management and charter services aimed at improving the overall experience for jet owners. By leveraging an experienced team of aircraft experts and professionals, jet owners can save valuable time and pad their bottom lines with reduced aircraft management costs.


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