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FEATURE: Davinci Jet Becomes Sales and Installation Partner for SmartSky

Davinci Jets was the first aircraft management company to offer SmartSky Networks to its clients and customers. Davinci Jets has since opened its own MRO division called Davinci Jet Services; this maintenance division will now install the SmartSky systems hardware/software to provide Wi-Fi to their charter fleet.

SmartSky’s new system will outperform most of the inundated technology of the past and will enable customers to get immediate access to the latest technology that will connect the cockpit and operations all in one single installation.

The Davinci Jets partnership will enable customers to get the latest technology in one single installation, and this technology can be updated going forward via software updates like applications on our phone update regularly.

“We love Smart Sky Networks inflight Wi-Fi because it actually works and allows the crew and guests to seamlessly connect.” said Joe Chaundy, director of Davinci Jets Services.

Davinci Jets hangar is in Charlotte NC at the Charlotte Douglas Airport (CLT) and their MRO division carries their FAA part 145 Certification. Davinci Jet services will be responsible for the installation of SmartSky Networks on planes that range from Gulfstream, Bombardier, Embraer, Textron and Pilatus aircraft. In the past Davinci Jets offered preventative maintenance and scheduled inspections, but now it also offers aircraft modifications.



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