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Davinci Jets maintains an incredible fleet to safely and efficiently get you where you need to go. We also pride ourselves on having the best customer service. Let us be your go-to resource for any private aviation needs!

Welcome to our Culinary blog series! This is a time for our Davinci Jets Inflight catering partner, Chef Charles, to give us the inside scoop on fine dining, delicious recipes and foodie tips. Savor this on your next charter flight.

Introducing: Q&A with Chef Charles

Tell us a bit about where you’re from and your culinary background.

Bonjour! I am from France, specifically from Chartres the capital of Eure et Loir, which is 56 miles southwest of Paris. Chartres is known around the world for the Chartres Cathedral that was constructed in 1192-1250. It’s old, very old.

I started my culinary education as an apprentice from ages 14-18. I learned in Chartres before going to culinary school.

Where else have you worked?

I worked as a chef and restaurant owner in Palm Beach, Florida, Lexington, Kentucky and Culver City, California. Then, my family and I moved to Charlotte in 1994. I love Charlotte. It is home for me.

I was the executive chef at Quail Hollow Club before transitioning to lead the opening of Dean and Deluca’s franchise locations in Charlotte.

Chef Charles Catering started in 2002. I was a personal chef and had a 4000 sq ft. building with a team of 11-15 people on staff. I was also the team chef for the Carolina Panthers for 13 years. We served 2000+ people on Game Days.

How long have you worked in aviation/Davinci Jets?

I began doing inflight catering for private aviation clients in 2013 and started working with Davinci Jets at the same time. I have done catering for Davinci Jets’ founders and clients before. My commercial kitchen is only 8 minutes away from the CLT airport.

Tell me about your family, kids, pets, etc.

I am the youngest of six children in my family -- I have four sisters and one brother. (They say that I am the most handsome and sweet!) My son’s name is Adrien, and he works and lives in Barcelona, Spain. My fiancé Lee and I have a dog we call Miss Gracie.

Where is your favorite place to travel?

My favorite place to travel is France and Spain. I go to Chartres to visit my family. I used to spend every summer at Ile de Re, located on the West Coast. I like to go to Barcelona to visit my son Adrien, son-in-law Fernando and get some great Spanish food.

“When I’m not cooking, you can find me…”

If I am not cooking, I like to go out to dinner with my fiancé Lee and take walks with Miss Gracie. I work on my old 1964 Citroen 2cv too. I did a full restoration of the car by myself!

What do you enjoy most about working with Davinci Jets?

The people at Davinci Jets are genuinely very friendly people. They have a great quality of service, and I appreciate that they trust me.

Book your next flight with Davinci Jets today! Click here to view Chef Charles’ Inflight Catering Menu.


Chef Charles Inflight Catering is your premier food service provider for all of your milehigh gourmet needs. Having been in the catering business for the past ten years, Chef Charles is no stranger to creating bespoke menus and dishes. Since 2013, Chef Charles Inflight catering has been working closely with cabin crews to create meals specifically catered to passengers’ tastes. Whether it’s southern fried chicken or country style pâté, you can be sure that every dish is created to the highest standards.


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