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The cover of the AMFA Constitution reads, “Safety in the air begins with quality maintenance on the ground,” and our motto of Knowledge, Skill, and Integrity – these are the values that support our objective to “Safeguard with ceaseless vigilance, the safety of the air transportation industry in recognition of the high degree of public interest, confidence, and responsibility placed on the members of the Association…” at Davinci we too have a code of ethics we follow as a vision...

Some of the points we want to highlight from AMFA (Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association):

• Always follow the maintenance manual, task card, or appropriate paperwork completely, without variation.

• If the paperwork identifies a specific tool for a task, you must use the specific tool; if it is not available, then do what is necessary to obtain the specific tool before you proceed. Be advised the FAA is verifying tool use and the tool checkout process is a quick and easy way for them to verify proper tool usage.

• Do not sign for any work you did not accomplish even if you are using the team concept for overnight work. If you are working with someone or working as a group, go step-by-step and be sure each item is signed for by the person who actually did the work. Only sign your name for the work you accomplished.

• Be aware of electronic tracking by your airport or company badges at access doors. Also, it’s likely you’re being video recorded on company or airport cameras while working around aircraft.

• Be aware of the company’s drug and alcohol policy and the relevant DOT regulations contained in 49 CFR Part 40.

• Don’t let management’s inability to plan appropriately (lack of manpower, parts, tools, equipment, aircraft scheduling, etc…), become your “emergency” that would subvert your legal obligation as an AMT to follow the maintenance manual and all paperwork as required by the FARs.

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